55-91 Knightsbridge

The major part of the construction phase commences with demolition of the rear parts of the listed 55-91 Knightsbridge building.

1-2 William Street has been removed to provide construction access to the site.

A first clean of the brick and stonework is very revealing – for the first time in many years the 100m long Knightsbridge frontage starts to get close to its original colour palette.

Further careful work will restore the fine masonry of this façade.  Retail uses at street level will be reinstated with new joinery shopfronts matching the original design.

When listed façade and new structures are integrated this mixed use building will have 15 residential apartments and duplexes over the upper floors of the building, with views to the park and private south-facing terraces to the rear.

In a rationalisation of uses, office accommodation will occupy the central area made distinct by the arches, with new entrances to all uses part of clear circulation pattern that follows from the hierarchy and zoning of Caroe’s original Knightsbridge façade.