Chelsea Apartments, London

The Chelsea Apartments development is positioned on the corner of Hortensia Road and Fulham Road. The project comprises the construction of 37 new apartments over six floors (including two levels of underground car parking below ground) and forms part of a wider scheme that includes the construction of a new college building to the south (see Kensington & Chelsea College) and the eventual conversion into flats of the Grade II listed neighbouring Sloane Building.

The form of the building combines two elevational ideas – firstly, an expression of large, simple rectangular openings reminiscent of artist studios which ground the building and its entrance facing Hortensia Road. Secondly, set against this is a stepped section in combination with a semicircular corner (25m diameter), acting as a hinge between the two streets.  This produces a series of spectacular concentric terraces which form a tiered figure when seen from Fulham Road against the ‘ground’ of the orthogonal elevation to Hortensia Road.