Edinburgh Park Station Site, Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Park Station Site project forms part of the wider Edinburgh Park Southern Phase Masterplan.

The brief called for a large mixed-use building to create a commercial and retail hub at Edinburgh Park Station. The building consists of a large, roughly square plan office building. The adjacent apart-hotel has a much smaller footprint but is slightly taller creating a harmonious balance of massing. Between the two sits a low linking leisure block.

The Station Square site sits at a key interchange between tram, train, bus and cycle directly adjacent to the existing Edinburgh Park train station forming a gateway into the wider Edinburgh Park development.

The existing Edinburgh Park railway station and Premier Inn hotel form the southern and eastern edges of the new square. The proposed commercial and apart-hotel frontages define the northern and eastern edges.

The office entrance, a full height angled portal, allows direct views into the atrium from the square. A double height frame celebrates the entrance to the apart-hotel

The facades of the office and apart-hotel differ with the tall and thin hotel contrasting with the short and wide office building. They are also made of deliberately contrasting materials: brick for the hotel and a light coloured polished precast concrete for the office. While both buildings are quite different in character they are also clearly of a piece.

The Station Garden extends beyond the station square as far as the footpath under the railway.  The Station Square itself is a mix of hard and soft landscaping; raised beds are edged by continuous stone benches and planted with trees.

The six storey office is organised around a large publicly accessible atrium. The south-east and south-west top floor corners of the office are set-back from the main facade to create large accessible terraces overlooking the square, with views to the Pentland hills and the centre of Edinburgh.

The nine storey apart-hotel is intended to provide a place for longer stays than a traditional hotel, possibly for temporary workers in Edinburgh Park and the surrounding area.

Sitting between the hotel and the office is a small leisure facility; a small three-screen arts cinema. A barrel vaulted roof creates a high room for the main screen and foyer.

A lower ground floor, taking advantage of the change in level across the site, will provide space for plant, bicycle parking and a limited amount of car parking.

(Visualisations by Assembly Studios and Dixon Jones)