Edinburgh Park Western Office, Edinburgh

The Western Office project forms part of the wider Edinburgh Park Southern Phase Masterplan.

This is a large, flexible and efficient office building proposed for the western end of Cross Street within the commercial heart of the masterplan.

The building has four large office floor plates above a taller ground floor level and is designed to be let to either one or multiple tenants. A compact central core creates clean and open office floor space.

The main entrance is accessed off a small square facing Cross Street. The entrance leads to a large double height reception space. A cafe, accessible to the public, occupies the north east corner of the ground floor and faces both the small square and the office reception lobby. Beyond this, a large portion of the ground floor is given over to flexible office space. At the back of the building the walls extend outwards to engage with the geometry of the surrounding roads. This wall encloses a lush south facing triangular garden space, accessed from the ground floor offices.

The building is proposed in two brick tones – darker to the ground floor and lighter above. Windows and copings are in bronze coloured metalwork. While the building is mostly mechanically ventilated, opening windows allow natural ventilation to the interior.

(Visualisations by Assembly Studios and Dixon Jones)